At first I was a little disappointed that I’m not losing weight as fast as some people on keto, but I think 6 pounds in two weeks is a pretty nice scale victory. Especially because my mini goal is only 4 pounds away! :D

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Put your panties to the side…
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About 45g~ carbs on Easter. Jesus Christ I knew this would happen. I’m shit at weight loss and really praying I stay in ketosis. Dear Jesus resurrect the ketones inside of me. 7lbs gone 7 more to go till I meet my mini goal weight. I already feel bloated. Hopefully cvs is open because I need some ketostix (and the confidence to wear sleeveless tops and shorts this summer).


A bouncer took my id tonight because it wasn’t me, didn’t look like me and I “wasn’t getting it back”

Oh, big fucking surprise that it’s actually mine. What a horrid time.

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what year is it again

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